Receiving payments

To sell your items and receive payments you need to set up your payments providers. It's very easy and straight forward.

Simply go to the Payment Settings page and put in your Paypal email and connect your Stripe account. Stripe might only be available for paid plans.

Step 1: Go to 'Payment Details'
Step 2: Activate Paypal or Stripe
Step 3: Enter you Paypal Email (for Paypal) and/or connect your Stripe Account (for Stripe).


{primary.fa-envelope} Before selling items you need to set up your payment providers.

Instant payment

Whenever a sale is made you get paid instantly. This means that a buyer buys your item and the money is sent directly to your payment providers account. If you are selling with a free account your commission is also directly sent to us. If you sell with a paid plan and have 0% commissions then you receive the full amount directly to your payment providers account, either your Paypal or Stripe account.

We were the first marketplace in the audio niche which offered this for our sellers because we think it's annoying if you need to wait 30 days for payouts.

{primary.fa-coins} You get paid instantly whenever a sale is made. No payout requests are required.

Order statuses

There are five different order statuses.

Paid: payment is completed
Pending: payment still on-going (ie. bank payment, not enough funds)
Abandoned : buyer left without buying
Failed : order didn't go through (eg. credit card declined, not enough funds)
Free Item : order was free item, $0, no payment needed

Free Items

You can also offer free items. With our paid feature "Follow/Subscribe to download" you can also require people to follow or subscribe (or both) to download your free items and make your audience grow faster.

Free Items are added to a buyers downloads page so he can rate and review the item. The system also creates and invoice for free items. Sellers can see how many times their free item was downloaded in their sellers dashboard under Selling > Items.


Taxes / VAT

{primary.fa-envelope} Our role is to provide you with the tools that you need to sell and collect payments and collect tax amounts for your digital items. We provide you the tools in your account to reflect those taxes in your sales reports. However, Roqstar does not file your taxes for you. So you will need to report and pay taxes to your own local tax authority or authorities.

At the checkout taxes are always automatically displayed to your buyers. All taxes are included in your total price and are not added onto the price. We want to give our buyers one price without adding additional costs.

A few years ago the EU decided that for every country and online sale VAT taxes need to be paid. The VAT percentage vary from country to country. This means that the amount of VAT taxes depend on the country of your buyer.

When a customer from Germany buys your item, you're obligated to collect 19% VAT tax. This 19% tax should already be priced into your total price when offering the product. The tax percentage varies for each country in Europe. You can learn more here at the VAT Mini Stop Shop where you can declare everything online and pay our taxes:

As a seller it's your own responsibility to pay VAT Moss taxes to the corresponding VAT Moss tax offices in your country or region. However we help you to quickly generate a report where you can see if a buyer from one of the countries who require you to pay VAT has bought an item.

When you generate a Sales report and export it as Excel or CSV file you can import it into a software program like Excel or Google Sheets. Then you can quickly calculate the total amount of VAT taxes that are due. So it's quite an easy process. We also show you the VAT amount next to each order on your Sales page

Here are the VAT percentages by country (2021).
The information table here is only to give you an idea with data of 2021.
The rates may change and you can look up the latest information here:

Country Standard VAT Rate % Registration Threshold (a)
Austria 20.0% € 30,000
Belgium 21.0% € 25,000
Czech Republic 21.0% € 38,991
Denmark 25.0% € 6,709
Estonia 20.0% € 40,000
Finland 24.0% € 10,000
France 20.0% € 82,200
Germany 19.0% € 17,500
Greece 24.0% € 10,000
Hungary 27.0% € 25,087
Iceland 24.0% € 7,819
Ireland 23.0% € 75,000
Italy 22.0% € 30,000
Latvia 21.0% € 40,000
Luxembourg 17.0% € 30,000
Netherlands 21.0% € 1,345
Norway 25.0% € 5,210
Poland 23.0% € 46,932
Portugal 23.0% € 10,000
Slovak Republic 20.0% € 49,790
Slovenia 22.0% € 50,000
Spain 21.0% € 0
Sweden 25.0% € 2,924
Turkey 18.0% € 0
United Kingdom 20.0% € 96,077

{primary.fa-envelope} Roqstar does not pay the taxes for your but provides all the tools to the reflect the VAT tax amount to report your taxes to your local tax authority or authorities. Paying taxes is the sellers responsiblity.