Embed Items

What is Embed Items

When you go to your Marketing section you can find the option Embed Items. This option allows you to display a Buy Now - Button or other details from your items on other websites.

Let's make an example. You have your own blog or website and want to display a buy now button for your product on your own blog. Simply select the display type, then the item you want to embed and then copy the HTML code to your website.

{primary} Display a "Buy Now" - Button on your website, blog or any external website.

Display types

We offer you two display types. You can always see a preview of what the embedded content will look like.

Buy button

With this option you can display a buy button on your website. You can also customize the text which will be displayed on the button. This display type also shows the item price next to the button.

Item Card

The item card displays a product image, the buy now button and the price of your item on any external website which you want to embed the item.

{primary} We offer two display types to embed items.