What is Roqstar?

Roqstar offers you software tools in the cloud to sell your digital audio items and build your customer audience. Roqstar also helps you to automate marketing activites and to interact with your audience.

In the marketplace you sell:

  • Sample Packs and Sounds
  • Presets
  • Beats
  • Stock

{primary} We build software tools in the cloud that help producers and creatives to build an audience and monetize their passion.

What can I do with Roqstar?

With Roqstar you can sell your digital items and interact with other producers and your audience. Not only can you offer free or paid items for others. You can also send direct messages and offer your skills for others who might want to work on a freelance basis with you.

{primary.fa-coins} Earn and interact with other like-minded creatives on Roqstar.

How much does Roqstar cost?

Roqstar is free for buyers and also sellers can sell for free before changing to a paid monthly plan.

You can start with a Free plan or with a paid plan. Please find the prices for our monthly subscription plans on our /pricing page. If you sell with a limited Free plan you will pay 30% in commission fees. Please note, that the Free plan might not be available all the time.

{primary.fa-percentage} Sell with a paid monthly plan with 0% commissions. Keep all your sales and grow your audience.