Prepare your account

Complete your public profile

Before selling items it's important to you complete all your profile details because buyers often check who the seller of a certain item is. If your profile page has no avatar image and no desription it doesn't make your brand appear in the best light possible.

Having a proper and complete profile does not only build trust but also makes more people follow you. So go to your profile and make sure all the informations are set and complete.

You can read more on how to setup your profile here .


{primary} A complete and great looking profile builds trust and make people interact more with you.

Complete your personal informations

Before you can sell items you need to complete your personal details. This is important because we are legally requested to collect seller and buyer informations. It also is important for your own bookkeeping and the accounting of your brand and business.

You can find more informations about personal informations in the Settings documentation.

{primary} You need to complete your account settings and personal informations.

Set your payment details

Before you can receive payments you need to set your payment details and/or connect your payment accounts. We offer Paypal and Stripe.

Simply go to the Payment Settings page and put in your Paypal email and connect your Stripe account. Stripe might only be available for paid plans.

Step 1: Go to 'Payment Details'
Step 2: Activate Paypal or Stripe
Step 3: Enter you Paypal Email (for Paypal) and/or connect your Stripe Account (for Stripe).


{primary} Connect your payment accounts to collect payments.