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Create your account

First, you need to create your user account. With this account you can buy and sell items. If you don't want to sell anything you only need to register the account, either during checkout when buying an item, or via the registration page.

{success} You only need one account. You can buy and sell with this account.


{primary.fa-paper-plane} After registration you need to click the link in the activation email we sent you. Otherwise you account is not activated and you can't login. Please also check the spam folder.


When you registered a new account you should complete your account by doing 3 simple steps.
See the image below what you need to do.


Complete your account (1)

  • Settings: Set your personal information and what notifications you want to receive.
  • Profile: Set your info and what you want to display on your public profile.
  • Follow: Found a profile you like? Great! Follow someone so they discover yours.

Launch your brand (2)

If you want to sell your own digital audio items then you can click on launch your brand and set up your seller dashboard to start selling your own items. Don't want to sell anything? Simply click "Not now, don't show again" and the purple banner will disappear forever.

Ready to go

Once you completed the steps above your Overview will look like the page below. On this page you can see all your recent purchases (1) and subscriptions (2) of sellers you are subscribed too. It also shows you if you need to add some more information to complete your account.


Set up your profile

When you login to your account you need to set up a couple details to make it easier for you to use Roqstar and so others can discover your profile.

{success} It's very important that you set up your profile and also your settings to have a completely set up account. You can find more information under "Settings".



Make sure to upload a clean and sharp avatar image. Many users use their logo or a picture of them or their studio. Upload a square avatar of 200x200. Make sure to not upload large images.

{primary} Your avatar will show on your public profile /user/yourusername


Your bio will also show on your public profile page. People love to hear what others do, so make sure to tell them a bit about you. Don't put links into your bio as they will not be clickable. Social Profile links are available in Pro plans.

{primary} Tell others a bit about you and your music production.

Social Links

Input the links to your social profiles if you want people to connect with you there too. Please note that this feature is only available in paid plans. Right now you can display Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook and Instagram links. Please make sure to put the exact links inlcuding https://


{primary.fa-twitter} Display your social profiles on your public profile. They will appear as icons on your profile.


You can display your creative skills in your public profile. Show others what kind of instrument you play or if you can do mixing or mastering. There are many more skills you can choose from. Hold down the CTRL key to select multiple skills.


{primary.fa-guitar} Display your skills so if people like what you do they can contact you and you might land freelance gigs or can collaborate on a project.


You can display your where your are from on your public profile. This will be shown in the right column side of your public profile. It sometimes can be helpful and lead to great collaborations if you find out someone is from the same city as you.


Deleting your account

If you wish to delete your account simply go to support and click "Open a ticket". Simply tell us that you wish to delete your account and witihin a few days we will delete your account.

You might ask yourself why there's not delete my account button. The reason is simple. Because we first need to make sure all your items are deleted and the files are gone before we can remove your account.

We are also required by law to keep any sales and order data for tax purposes.

Open a ticket at the bottom of this page (you need to be logged in):