Selling items


Sellers can offer a monthly subscription. They then can include items for their paying subscribers for free. This means when a buyer subscribes to a seller he/she can download the items that are marked with a green subscription badge for free.

Let's say you subscribe to a seller for $7/month and the seller adds two items per month which he normally offers for a regular price of $10. When the seller includes those two items into his paid subscription then buyers can download both items with their monthly subscription and pay much less. image Sellers who offer a subscription/membership are showing this badge on their profile.

This is a win-win situation, because when a buyer supports a seller with an on-going subscription it helps him/her to have more security and allows him to create more new products. A subscription offers buyers a lot more content for much less money, therefore it's recommended to set a quiet lower subscription price. To calculate a good subscription offering price you can calculate on how much a buyer would need to pay if he would buy each item seperately. If you offer a great price-value ration on your subscription price then buyers are much more likely to subscribe to you.

image If you offer a paid subcription, a subscription button will show on your profile.

{primary} You can offer a paid monthly subscription (membership) option and offer buyers to download selected items from you for free.

Payment options?

To sell items receive payments you need to set your payment options. To set this correctly is very important as otherwise buyers can not buy your items and send you money. Right now we offer Paypal and Stripe payment options.


{warning} It's very important to double check your payment email when setting it. Otherwise buyer can not buy your items.

How do I get paid from subscriptions?

All payments directly go to your Stripe account. We don't take any commissions on your subscription sales. To sell subscription you need to have a paid account plan as selling subscriptions is a PRO feature.

The amount of money you earned through subscription will be calculated into the total sales of your account and annual revenue.

{success} Before you start, you need to connect your Stripe account.

Payment statuses?

In your seller dashboard you can find different payment status. Here's a list of what each status means.

Complete - Payment was successful and is completed
Pending - Payment is not complete. Buyer left the checkout, didn't finish order.

Canceled - Payment is aborted by the buyer and is not complete.

{success} Only orders with the status "Complete" are "paid" and completed successfully.