Adding items

Go to Seller Dashboard

The first step is to click on Seller Dashboard and access your seller dashboard. This is the area where all the items, sales, payment settings and everything that you need to sell your items is located.


Before uploading an item

Before you start uploading an item, it's important to prepare everything. Make sure that your image, the audio demo(s) and the product ZIP file is ready. This will help you to speed up the item upload process.

What you'll need:

  • item image (1000 x 750px, jpg/png only)
  • audio demo (mp3 only)
  • product file (ZIP only)
  • item description text

{success.fa-pencil} Prepare everything you need before your item upload.

Item Information

This is a step by step guide on how to upload your first item. Please follow it carefully.

Go to your "Seller Dashboard" in your dropdown menu. Click "Upload" in the top bar or choose "Add New Item". Both will lead you to the item upload page.


Now you arrived at the item upload page. You can see a next screenshot below. On this upload page you need to fill in 6 steps.

  • Category (1)
  • Item Name (2)
  • Description (3)
  • Tags (4)
  • Terms (5)
  • Button - Upload files (6)

1. Category

Click into the category field and a dropdown will open. You can also type a word like "Pop" or "Hip Hop" and the available categories appear.

Be careful! There are "Hip Hop" categories for "Sample Packs" but also for "Stock Music". The title above the category you choose shows you the main category the category is in.

A Fruity Loops Template (FLP) for example should be listed as "Templates" > "Fruity Loops" and not as Sample Pack. Even if it includes some samples. You can list your items in one or multiple categories.


{primary} Important: A "Chillout" category can belong to "Sample Packs" or "Stock Music". Please double-check the title above the category you choose in the dropdown.

2. Item Name

Choose a short and meaningful title. We don't allow titles including words like "Sample Pack" or "Fresh New Sample Pack" because buyers already can see that the item is listed under Sample Packs.

Instead choose a title like "Breeze" or "Breeze Preset" or similar. Short titles are not only catchier but also give a much cleaner look to your item and marketplace. Inappropriate language or special characters (like !,?,+,...) can not be used.


{primary} Choose short and meaningful item name. Avoid words like "Sample Pack".

3. Description

Describe your item as good as possible. Many sellers miss this important step. A buyer needs to know as much as possible about your item. This is your chance to shine and present your item in the best possible light without exaggeration. If you are not sure how a good item description looks you can check out other existing item that sell well.


{primary} Describe your item as good as possible. Let buyers know how many files and what type of files, keys and tempos you use. More information, more possible sales.

4. Tags

Tags are very important. Many sellers leave things to chance by not tagging their items accurately. If you for example sell Presets for Serum you want to add tags like "serum", "presets" and the genre "future house" and the feeling or your brand name. In the end you might have tags like "serum", "presets", "future house", "uplifting" that describe your item well. If you don't add tags your item will not get found well via search.


{primary} Always add very accurate tags to your items. Avoid long tags or unnecessary tags like categories.

5. Terms

Before you can create the item in our marketplace you need to accept the terms.


{primary} Accept our terms and conditions.

6. Upload files

Click the "Upload files" button. This will create your item in the database and forward you to the items page where you can upload all files and input all missing information.


{success.fa-check-circle} Conratulations! The first part of your item has been created.

Purpose File Format
Item Image jpg/png
Audio Demo mp3
Product file ZIP

Once you clicked the "Upload Files" button you will see the rest of the upload form.
Now let's complete the missing steps.

7. Formats

Choose the formats your product files are delivered in. If you can't find the format you are looking for send us a message and we will add the format for you.


8. Moods/BPM

If you're selling Beats or Stock Music make sure to add the tempo in BPM and choose the moods (feelings) of your instrumental or song. This helps especially buyers of Stock Music to find the right item to buy.


9. Item Image

Upload a professionally looking item image. A great item image can lead to more sales because it's the first thing buyers see and will click on. Poor designed or low quality item images will result in a declined item which you then will need to re-submit. Inappropriate images or offending material is not allowed.


{primary.fa-image} Your item image is the first thing buyers see. Design it well.

9. Audio Demo

Upload an audio demo (mp3 only) that show all or almost all sounds of your product. If you sell 50 loops but only show one as a demo your item will not get approved. Make sure to showcase the sounds in your item well. If you use additional sounds that are not included in your item, make sure to state this in your item description (eg. Note: The drum sounds you hear in the demo are not included).

Pro users can upload multiple audio demos for one item. They will be displayed on the product detail page in a playlist.


If you upload stock music or Beats and want to protect your instrumental or song you can use our watermarks as overlay: (ROQSTAR Watermarks ). This is not need for audio demos of Sample Packs, Presets or DAW Templates. It is also not mandatory but helps you protect your work.


{primary} Showcase as much as possible of your sounds in your audio demo. If you sell Beats or Stock Music you may want to proect your audio demos with watermarks.

10. Product file

Your product file includes all the files your buyer and customer receives from you after the purchase. Put all files you want to sell in one ZIP file and upload it here. Depending on your plan you might can not upload files bigger than 1.5GB.

We will allow multiple files and different item variants in a future version. For now you need to pack everything in one big file.


{primary.fa-image} Your item image is the first thing buyers see. Design it well.

11. Price & Options

Set a price for your items. All item prices are in USD. If you are taxable and need to pay sales taxes (eg. VAT taxes) in Europe then we will display the VAT taxes automatically in your prices. This means that the price which you set here includes all the taxes and fees and no extra taxes will added to the customers price.

Note: Roqstar does not pay or collect any taxes and simply provides the cloud software as a service. This is up to every seller (person or company). But if you are requested to pay taxes in your country or elsewhere, we help you with this process by displaying you the buyers country and the applicable sales tax amount in your sales statics. At the end of each fiscal year you can simply print the sales statements and calculate the sales taxes which you need to pay (if you or your company are taxable at all).


{primary.fa-coins} The item price you set includes all fees. Calculate any expenses already into your price.

{success.fa-coins} For ease of use we for buyers we only use whole numbers for pricing instead like price tactics like $7.99.

Other options
State if your files are loopable and if your item includes stems. If you for example sell a Beat, Stock Music or a Construction Kit, your item might includes stems. Stems are solo/single tracks of your instrumental or song.


Additional Files

If you sell Beats you can offer additional files such as Stems or Multitrack files. This gives music producers and artists who buy your more flexibility than a single instrumental Beat.

{warning.fa-exclamation} The additional files block will only appear if you sell Beats. It's not available for other item categories.

Here's a step by step guide on how to offer stems or multitracks.

  1. Activate the extra files block (slider top right) to make it open
  2. Click upload files
  3. Upload all additional files you would like to sell (stems, multitracks or both)
  4. Close the upload window
  5. Activate Stem files or multitracks or both rows with the on/off slider
  6. Now you can select the file which you want to sell as Stems or Multitracks
  7. Set a price which the buyer needs to pay to access these files

A buyer who buys your main item will pay an additional charge which you set in the price field to download additional files. Switch over to Buying > Buying an item to see how buyers will get your Stems & Multitrack files.


{info.fa-glasses} Learn how buyers get your extra Stem & Multitrack files here.

12. Licenses

For every item you can choose the Licenses you would like to sell. This means you can sell the same item with different Licenses. A regular licenses shows the regular price (factor 1x). An extended licenses which gives the buyer more rights will multiply the price by various factors. Let's look at an example below.

{primary.fa-coins} Licenses allow buyer to purchase different rights. Not all Licenses are available in all categories.

Let's say you sell a Sample Pack. You can sell this with a "Sounds Regular" license. This means the buyer can use the sounds in his commercial projects but can not re-sell the sounds pack as it is or re-sell any of the sounds.

If you choose the option to sell the same Sample Pack with an Extended License, then this license will give the buyer additional rights and the right to re-sell the sounds and use the sounds in his own Sample Pack for example. The price therefore will be multiplied and higher for this type of License.


{primary} Prices of each license are calculated automatically. See factor tables below.

Sample Packs, Presets, Templates, Sound Effects

License Name Available categories Price Factor Example
Sounds Regular Sample Packs, Presets, Templates, Sound Effects x 1 $15
Sounds Extended Sample Packs, Presets, Templates, Sound Effects x 5 $75

Read under the topic Buying > Licenses what rights each license grants the buyer.

Stock Music

License Name Available categories Price Factor Example
Stock Music Regular Stock Music x 1 $15
Stock Music Extended Stock Music x 4 $60
Stock Music Pro Stock Music x 7 $105
Stock Music Global Stock Music x 20 $300

Read under the topic Buying > Licenses what rights each license grants the buyer.


License Name Available categories Price Factor Example
Beats Regular Beats x 1 $15
Beats Extended Beats x 5 $75
Beats Pro Beats x 20 $300

Read under the topic Buying > Licenses what rights each license grants the buyer.


License Name Available categories Price Factor Example
Software Single User Software x 1 $15

Read under the topic Buying > Licenses what rights each license grants the buyer.

13. Free Items

You can offer an item for free by clicking the checkbox "Yes, offer this item for free." Your item will then appear as "Free" in the marketplace. This helps you to attract more followers and possible customers towards your profile and items.

If you have a paid subscription you can offer items for free only to your Followers or to your Subscribers. This helps you to grow you profile and brand much faster than by simply offering the item for "Free" to everyone.


Followers for example will get a notification whenever you release a new item. Subscribers even get an email notification when you release a new item. The paid subscription helps you to automate marketing processes for free items and has many benefits to grow your profile brand long term.

{primary} Offer items for free for everyone or for Followers or Subscribers only. This can help you grow you brand much faster.

14. Submit for review

If you have completed all the steps and input all the information your item is ready for review. Click the "Submit for review" button. This means that your item is ready to be reviewed. If everythin was entered correctly it will be released.

The item review process usually takes a couple hours up to one day. In most cases your item is released much faster. If we have many items it might take a bit longer.

You might wonder why an item needs to be reviewed again if you change something. The reason is simple. We need to make sure no inapproriate content or low quality content floods our marketplace.

We also need to make sure that buyers can navigate easy (eg. see clear item images and titles).


{success} Always click "Submit for review" after editing an item if you want your item to go live.

{primary} Without this step your item will stay in Draft mode which means you still want to edit the item.