In this section we highlight how the payments and checkout work. We also explain the different payment statuses.

Payment options

To sell items receive payments you need to set your payment options. To set this correctly is very important as otherwise buyers can not buy your items and send you money. Right now we offer Paypal and Stripe payment options.


{primary} It's very important to double check your payment email when setting it. Otherwise buyer can not buy your items.

How does the checkout work?


At the checkout you might see two recipients. Because Roqstar offers direct payments to their sellers with free plans you will see two recipients as Roqstar takes a commission for storing files, download costs .

img Step 1: Check

img Step 2: Choose payment option

img Step 3: Regular payment without commission

img This is how a payment with a commission looks. For you as a buyer nothing changes. Total price stays the same.

{primary.fa-user-plus} You might see two recipients at the payment provider because free sellers pay a commission to us for our service.

Payment statuses

In your seller dashboard you can find different payment status. Here's a list of what each status means.

Complete - Payment was successful and is completed
Pending - Payment is not complete. Buyer left the checkout, didn't finish order.
Canceled - Payment is aborted by the buyer and is not complete.

{success} Only orders with the status "Complete" are "paid" and completed successfully.

VAT and other taxes?

Roqstar is offering the software as a service (SaaS) that helps seller to sell their items in a marketplace environment and does not collect taxes or VAT. Roqstar does not file your taxes for you or your company. Sellers need to report their taxes themselves to their country or other legal tax authorities.

This means that every seller (person or company) is repsonsible him-/herself for paying taxes in his country. However we help seller to make this process easier by automatically displaying VAT taxes on the checkout.

We recommend you to ask your local tax authority what taxes you would need to pay when selling digital items to have the latest information.

{primary} Roqstar does not pay or file it's taxes for sellers. Sellers must report their taxes themselves to their local tax authority or VAT MOSS office.

Example: If you sell an item for $30 to a buyer in a EU country with 20% VAT tax then the tax which is included in your item price equals $6. This means you would need to pay the VAT MOSS office $6. This also means that the total price of $30 displayed will include $6 taxes which you would need to pay to the VAT MOSS office.

img We display the country and the VAT amount each country requests from each seller. This helps you to easily report and calculate your VAT MOSS taxes which you need to pay to the local authorities. You can also export all sales as an excel file for an easy report.

{primary} To help you to easily report VAT MOSS taxes to your local tax authority we display the buyers's country, the countries VAT amount (percentage) and what amount of the total sale would need to be paid as tax.

Pricing - more convenient for buyers

We think it's best to have one item price and include everything because buyers often abort their order if they see too many complicated taxes at the checkout. This way we make their shopping experience more convenient.

{primary} All prices displayed on Roqstar always include taxes - if needed. Some countries of course don't request you to pay taxes. But because some do it's important When pricing your items that you consider prices also include taxes which need to be paid by you (seller) to your local tax authority.