Buying an item


To buy a digital item to download you simply add it to cart.

For some items you can choose different Licenses. For example for Stock Music you can choose different Licenses to suit your project and needs. You can find more about Licenses under Licenses.

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At the checkout you might see two recipients. Because Roqstar offers direct payments to their sellers with free plans you will see two recipients as Roqstar takes a commission for storing files, download costs .

img Step 1: Check

img Step 2: Choose payment option

img Step 3: Regular payment without commission

img This is how a payment with a commission looks. For you as a buyer nothing changes. Total price stays the same.

{primary.fa-user-plus} You might see two recipients at the payment provider because free sellers pay a commission to us for our service.

Download after purchase

After you successfully purchased the item you can download it in your account under the Downloads section.


{primary.fa-envelope} Download the item after the purchase in your account.


After you bought an item and started to use it, you can rate the item. Leaving a positive review when you like the item helps the seller greatly. They will love you for it and it only takes a couple seconds.


{primary.fa-envelope} Rate an item after you bought it, you support the seller greatly.