Buying Memberships (paid subscriptions)

What are memberships (paid subscriptions)?

Sellers can offer a monthly membership (paid subscription). They then can include items for their paying members for free. This means when you become a member (paid subscription) to a seller you can download the items that are marked with a green member badge for free.

Let's say you start a paid subscription to a seller for $7/month and the seller adds two items per month which he normally offers for a regular price of $10. When the seller includes those two items into his membership subscription then you can download both items with your monthly membership subscription and pay much less. image Sellers who offer a membership subscription are showing this badge on their profile.

This is a win-win situation, because when you support a seller it helps him/her to have more security and allows him to create more new products. A membership subscription offers you a lot more content for much less money. If you would need to buy each item seperately it would cost much more in almost all cases.

{primary} You can become a paying member to a seller and download selected items from this seller for free.

How to become a paying member of a seller?

To start a paid membership subscription to a seller you have two options. The membership subscription starts immediately when you entered your payment details and confirmed the membership subscription. It will then auto-renew every month (monthly/30 days billing cycle) until you cancel it within your account. During this time you can download all items that are marked as "Free for paid subscribers (members)".

Option 1 | Profile Page

  1. Go to the profile page of the seller

  2. Click the Subscribe button image Subscription button on sellers profile page.

  3. Enter your credit card details and subscribe image Start the subscription and the page will refresh.

  4. After successful subscription the page will refresh. Start to download selected items. image

Option 2 | Item Page

  1. Go to an item page of the seller

  2. Click the Subscribe button below the add to cart button image

  3. Enter your credit card details and subscribe image

  4. After successful subscription the page will refresh. Start to download selected items. image

How to download membership subscription items?

After you successfully subscribed to a seller you can find all item that this seller included as "Free for paid subscribers" on his profile. The easiest way to do this is to go on the sellers profile page and click the filter "Free for paid subscribers".

image Items that are included in the "Free for paid" subscription of this seller are marked with a green icon.

On the item page the download button appears. With your monthly subscription to this seller you can now access the item for free. image

Membership Subscriptions Billing

When you purchase a paid membership subscription of a certain seller you can find the invoice in your Billing section.
See the image below.


  1. Billing section
  2. Start (date) of your membership subscription
  3. See the invoice details


You can check your membership subscription status, start and end dates on the membership subscription invoice page.


How to cancel a membership subscription?

If you want to cancel an active membership subscription you need to go to your billing page. The active membership subscription will no longer be re-newed after the active billing cycle (month) has ended.

  1. Go to your Billing page

  2. Click on cancel subscription


{primary} You can cancel a membership subscription anytime. It will end at the end of the billing period (monthly or yearly) you chose. Subscriptions are non-refundable because from the moment you start it you can download all the items included (account membership subscription on profile) or use the SaaS tools with (seller subscription).